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Ashdown equipment

CTM 100 valve amp

420 Amp

AVT  610 6x10 cabs

Fender jazz / Precision

Ibanez Blazer bass

Aria pro 1980’s bass

ZZB explorer bass

Clutch Bio

During a Judas Priest concert at the Newcastle Mayfair in 1975, someone overheard me singing along (loudly) and suggested that I should give singing a go, so at 13, carefree and with nothing to lose I began singing in a band with a few mates. The first song I sang was Wishing Well by Free, with a mad passion for very heavy metal I sang in a number of bands whilst I grew up, developing my voice and my own style of singing.  Like Paul I was never too keen on singing other peoples’ material so began looking for an original band, and came across the audition for Tysondog. I sang the Judas Priest version of Diamonds in Rust, and luckily I was accepted.  I’m very proud of all that we’ve accomplished and recorded over the years, not least our 3rd album Cry Havoc, which I believe brings together the best of the Dog, with hard hitting riffs thundering straight into the 21st Century.


Phil Brewis - Drums

Phil plays Pearl drums

Previous bands -  Blitzkrieg - Satan - Russ Tippins band - Chaos Asylum







Played acoustic guitar in Buddle middle school Wallsend from  age 10, then got together with Alan Hunter in high school and started jamming together, we then met up with Paul Burdis  at  a rock night  where I switched to playing bass guitar. Right onto bass!  Played in a band called Orchist which eventually split  up leaving 3 of us to form Tysondog. After that I played with Tyger Tyger (Jess Cox from Tygers of Pan Tang) I recorded 4 tracks and did a live video at Manchester Hacienda which was unreleased.

I moved to Manchester with work and formed a rock covers band called Monkey gun which hailed from Stockport. When Tysondog reformed it meant  the covers band was put on the back burner. I’ve also had a stint recently helping the band Marseille ( former Art attack presenter Neil Buchanan) But after  the reformed Tysondog got going ive had a blast playing in places like Athens, Barcelona, Belgium, Holland and Germany to mention a few.

Kev uses Ashdown equipment

I started playing the guitar about the age of 14, playing rock and metal from all the great bands that was dominating the music scene back then. I always preferred the heavier side of rock and turned my attention to that, I’ve played in a few rock covers bands over the years but would never really enjoy it, not my style I suppose.

I later help form a Judas Priest tribute band called - Judas Rising which is still together now.

Its a great pleasure playing with Tysondog, not only do I get to play kick ass metal but I get to meet amazing people and friends from all over the world, see you all again this year.

Peace to you all






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